NYC 3 Way? Kanye X Amber X Tiffany

amber rose and trevon

OK, so we’ve stayed out of the fray regarding posting pictures of Kanye’s new girlfriend, Amber Rose. But reading this juicy tidbit this morning about how Amber left her GIRLFRIEND OF TWO YEARS IN THE BRONX to galavant with Kanye…I mean…Really? LOL! This is some off-E.Lynn Harris stuff.

But we’re told those rumors you’ve been hearing about Amber being a lesbian are true. Our source who used to work with the little blondie tells YBF that Ms. Amber, also known as Amber Levonchuck, has a ex-girlfriend Tiffany, aka Tre or Trevon.  And yes, that’s them gettin’ cozy in the pics above.  Apparently Tre is extra pissy that Amber dumped her with no warning as soon as Kanye started showing her some attention a few weeks ago.

And of course, Parlour has some MORE intel!

“Another one of our sources tells us that Amber and Trevon had been dating for two years before Kanye wooed her in his life with the expensive gifts and shiny things.  Supposedly ‘Ye is in utter and sheer love for this girl and proudly tells everyone she is his girlfriend. I guess he also doesn’t mind Amber used to be a stripper at Sue’s in Mount Vernon, NY and Dillilah’s in Philly where she went under the name Paris.” Well well well….

JBaker Sidenote: Hmm, I KNEW Tiffany looked familiar! She was one of the subjects of the 2005 documentary “The Aggressives“, which chronicled the lives of 6 gay women here in NYC who choose to remix the idea of a butch, or more masculine women. It aired on LOGO a while back. See was one of my faves other than Kisha (swooon).
From the cast bio: “TIFFANY has grown up in NYC’s West Village and is a pioneer in a new realm of gender and sexual identity. “I’m not a lesbian if I date transgender women and have straight sex with them.” Tiffany dates transvestities. She delights in the irony of her unique blurring of labels. We see her as she “vogues”, gossips, sells drugs, and cruises drag queens.” I think Tiff should just round up all the kids and pay Amber a visit.

I’m not mad at Amber being a stripper nor am I judging her sexual preference but to leave your two-year long term relationship for…Kanye? It just sounds like some precious metal digging…

Thx YBF!

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