Jay gets his “Eleven Minutes”

Opportunities presented themselves to me. But I was on the first season. My experience is very different from Christian Siriano’s experience. People didn’t know how to take me: as an entertainer or designer. I just wish Michael Kors would stand up and say, “I was designing for 20 years and nobody knew who I was.” I can’t build an empire in six months. It’s been four years and I am just getting into my groove with my brand.”

Remember Jay McCarroll? The loveable, snark-tastic winner of the 2004 premiere season of Project Runway who, in my opinion, worked the hell out of some yarn like no one else? What you may not know is that after winning the first season, McCarroll was awarded $100,000, a mentorship from Banana Republic, and a spot in the prestigious 2005 New York Fashion Week event. However, Jay turned down the money and the mentorship, citing a contractual clause that gave the Project Runway production company a 10% stake of all his professional ventures in perpetuity. Ouch!

< a look from his winning PR season
So after a walking a fickle fashion tightrope, Jay is back with a documentary that is debuting on Feb 20 called “Eleven Minutes”, which basically chronicles the year after his win and his journey to his first independent show during NY Fashion Week. Drama, design and wit—fabulous!

Eleven Minutes

Documentary zooms in on ‘Project Runway’s’ Jay McCarroll

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