J.Hud Does Oprah: “I’m in a Good Place”

I’m not sure but I think that this is Jennifer’s first public sit-down interview since her family trials. Here’s what she said on Op’ today:
On performing the “National Anthem” during the Superbowl:
“It was too much going on for me to take it in, I zoned out.”
“To me the biggest notes and longest notes are the easiest notes…I’m just glad I made it to the end of the song.”
On Whitney Houston introducing her at the Grammy’s as well as presenting her award:

“I used to create duets with Whitney Houston’s records. I would stand in the mirror and practice my Grammy speech. [Whitney presenting me with my award] It almost surpassed winning Grammy to me- seeing her and her presenting it to me was amazing.”

On where she’s keeping her Grammy and Oscar award trophies:

“I have a piano room in my house [they’re right next to] a picture of me and my dog Oscar. I [also] have a dog named Grammy and Dream- actually Dreamgirl.”

On her fiance David:

“He’s good, he’s working and making plans for us.”

On how she’s coping with everything including familial tragedy:

“I’m good, just glad to be back to work, doing what I love to do, it’s like therapy. I’m in a good place.”

Then she belted out her newest single: “If This Isn’t Love”- I think I like this song…The video and a photo of Jenn and her fiance, David, after the jump.

jennifer and fiance, david

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