Join Erykah Badu & Jay Electronica, Be a Green Couple!, the web parlor for greenies and enviro journalists, named the “14 Green Couples” yesterday. It wasn’t the “hottest” 14 green couples or the “best dressed,” just 14 green couples. Besides me being a lil peeved that me and Kerry Washington didn’t make the list, I was struck by who did: Erykah Badu and Jay Electronica.

Arguably, the rate at which Badu is having babies is not gonna be sustainable for the planet, but perhaps she’s making up for it with all the vegan Baduizm she’s doing. Still, Grist could’ve thrown a few more brothers and sisters on this list. The rest of it is lily white, with the requisite nod to Brad and Angelina.

There’s a few coluh’ed people they could have thrown in there: Robert Bullard, the “father of environmental justice” and his wife? Majora Carter (I mentioned her in my last post [The Job Stimulus] Just Isn’t That Into You”) and her husband, who both run Carter’s consulting firm, almost alone? Kevin Danaher and Medea Benjamin… who ain’t exactly Black… Benjamin is Jewish … but the way she and Code Pink used to go at Bush on the war tip, and get arrested on the regular, they might as well be honorary Black.

But anyhow, it’s gonna be a minute before the Green movement finally starts acknowledging more people of color who’ve been doing this environmental thing for decades. That said, y’all should start petitioning now for me and Kerry to make the 2010 list.

-Be Mock’d

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