JudgementCall: Melanie Fiona x NYC’s Canal Room = Thoughts?

Last night, I went to a showcase for a new Universal Motown artist named Melanie Fiona. She’s got a song on NYC radio, “Give It To Me Right” that makes me smile everytime I hear it. (video clips above and below, ladies…) So I went to the Canal Room-aka showcase central, lol. I’ve seen everyone from Kanye West to Noel Gourdin debut their music at this small downtown New York City joint. I STILL remember being stuck in there and suffering through Kanye’s first performance…the email invite said it was a Roc-A-Wear party…LIARS!


Anyway, the night was sponsored by Paper Magazine and Hot 97, our NYC hip-hop radio station, so it was a fashionista/mixtape crowd. I fit in nicely. What’s intersting is that Melanie came out and just sprung into her first song like she was an old hat at this performance bag.

Dressed in black tights, red cinched waistcoat and flowing black curls, she was all voice and stage presence. I instantly became a fan and I know we’ve found another Parlour girl. YES!!! Meli (her new Parlour nickname…) had a nine piece band including horns- which she admited she had to fight for- along with two background singers. After about four songs, including “Ay Yo,” “Give It To Me Right,” “Please Don’t Go, and “It Kills Me,” she breathlessly left the stage and…


I loved it. Her songs are catchy and Meli can actually…sing. Gina Montana filmed Meli’s first performance- tell us what you think. And remember, subscribe to youtube.com/parlourmagazine and watch all of our outings. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

ps. oh yeah, she’s managed by Jay-Z’s RocNation, so we’ll see how that all works out. We may get a Melanie Fiona ft Jay-Z track…quote me bishes!

“Bang Bang”- This is the track she opened with…I liked it.

video via Gina Montana/ images: J. Nunez for WireImage

Check out Melanie’s Blog.

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