Like Sex? With your Blackberry?

I love my new Blackberry Bold, I really do, but I’d be dammed if i’m gonna sleep with it. Especially since I haven’t gotten around to replacing the case for it…but anyway…check out the above clip from the documentary Strange Love: Married To The Eiffel Tower about ‘objectum sexuals’, who are people who fall in love and have intimate relationships with inanimate objects. It’s almost like the Real Dolls cult but waaaaaay freakier. I’m almost disturbed that most of the subjects in this documentary are women, as I’m sure any girl can attest that watching a man and his favorite ‘insert object here’ can be scary. Not surprisingly, most of these women share a history of abuse and neglect in their lives. Watch the entire thing for yourself here.

via Jezebel/Videogum

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