Love Hangover…


Up in Six-Burgh, there are many many happy campers still feeling the love and the afterglow of one of the best Super Bowl games ever.  For Arizona, not so much, but I’m sure they put up a better fight than most people thought they would.

Unlike last years game, where the two teams I hate the most in the world competed to see who could make me and those of my kind more miserable, this game had two great stories, great plays, great hair (I see you Troy P. and  Larry Fitzgerald) and  likable opponents.  It was a great game, and a battle of wills in the last two minutes, where AZ showed that they weren’t dead, and Pittsburgh proved that they just wanted it more. It was a game where James Harrison almost went from hero-100 yard pick for a touchdown, to goat-that unnecessary roughness penalty would have been the highlight most shown if not for Santonio Holmes’ catch.

Kurt Warner, age 75 but not dead, made up for an abysmal first half, but the story in Arizona will be how their gave up 75 yards in less than a minute after taking the lead and nearly shocking the world.  I’m pretty sure that somewhere, Derrick Mason is smiling, glad that someone beat him at the end.

And so, Mike Tomlin and Company will be heading to the White House to meet their biggest and most popular supporter, who they, by beating the Redskins the night before the elections helped to get elected (See my Nov. 6th entry).  Tomlin is the youngest head coach to ever take the Super Bowl and the second black head coach. The president had been all over the news saying he was rooting for the Steelers, and pretty much the entire nation fell in line. Kind of fitting considering all the backlash and controversy the Rooney family got when they hired him.  Those pundits with their opinions seemed pretty contrite on Sunday night

Ken Wisenhunt and Company are headed back to Arizona to pine over what could have been and collect their NFC Championship checks. They’ll be down for a while, but hopefully this will not be the same end it was for the last few NFC teams to win the Super Bowl.  I’d love to see them back, with Anquan Boldin, and Fitzgerald and Edgerrin James.  Even if they’re not with Kurt Warner.

That bye Sunday and it’s activities are going to become a way of life for the next seven months. Of course there is baseball, the love of my sports life, but pitchers and catchers still have another week and a half before they report.  So Dateline Predator it is. Of course others will jump right into college and pro basketball and hockey, and make it through, we all do every year, but those are just not the type of games that bring the masses together the way football does.

I’m sad.  The problem with the Super Bowl is that when there’s a great game like this one, it starts to sink in around the two minute mark that this is the last competitive game of the season.  No more “Feelin Kinda Sunday” commercials, no more gathering with friends to catch the game, no banter, no nothing.  Just the cold chill of February, and the seven months until we all get excited again and anticipate that first Sunday all over again.


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