Morning Coffee 1.20.09

christian siriano fashion week

Christian “Trani fierce!” Siriano held his fashion show yesterday…Do you like that dress? I do, but as for the Beyonce/ “Diva” bangs, I’m cool…

Obama told the Canadians that the US isn’t down with protectionism and, we’re definitely down with open trade. [Reuters]

RECAP: Bernie Madoff goes down for a multi billion dollar pyramid scheme. Then Allen Standford, with a self-titled bank in Venezuela turns out to not only be linked to the Madoff fiasco but has his own pyramid scheme. Stanford catches wind off the po-po looking for him and jets. The FBI find Stanford in Virginia (Really? VA? What are you, a drug dealer from Brooklyn?). The end. [G]

Duffy rocked the Brits and won three awards. I’m sorry, but Adele and Estelle’s album were much better than the Duff-ster. She’s lovely- but seriously folks… [BBC]

Hillary Clinton tried out her new position and traveled to N. Korea to demand that they halt their nuclear activites. [ABC]

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