Morning Coffee 1.19.09

kate moss ny magazine

Can we laugh about this? The price of cocaine is dropping because drug dealers have found a new trading route. This economy, I tell ya… [BBC] [FLB]

Looks like US Pres Obama is stepping up the efforts in Afghanistan. [WashPo]

Jezebel makes fun of the same Kors hat that I did[Jeze] and I need this t-shirt to pay my rent check [karmaloop]

Bristol Palin, teenaged mother, no judgement. Folks have sex when they like when they want- but you’re NOT a role model for children. You’re not. [TDB]

On this edition of “War on the Rich”- UBS Bank, an off-shore Swiss Bank, is surrendering their client list to the IRS of their rich clients who have accounts to evade US taxes. [NYT]

And in my adventures in television, I love “Family Guy.” That is all…

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