Morning Coffee 1.23.09

Wild untameable cinematic madness! From the Spirit Awards to the Oscars, it was good TV watching. OK, I didn’t watch the Spirit awards but the Oscars were good! Go Slumdog Millionaire for winning best picture! Kate Winslet for best actress and Sean Penn for best actor. I love Penelope Cruz but I’m still a bit salty about her win for best supporting actress. Taraji P. Henson and Viola Davis were all dressed up with no awards to speak of. Boo. [WashPo]

Think the award for actor and actress should be separated? [Jeze]

A bomb exploded in Cairo this weekend killing over 20 people, many of whom were tourists. [BBC]

Nicole Ritchie is preggers again…she just had her first daughter, Harlow, last year. And Lauryn Hill may be preggers again too? That would be #6. [Bossip] [LAT]

Hm…”Somali Islamist insurgents have killed 11 African Union peacekeepers from Burundi in a deadly attack on an AU military base in Mogadishu.” [BBC]

Happy Monday ladies!

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