Morning Coffee 1.25.09

The San Francisco Chronicle may close if they can’t come to a truce with their union or find a buyer. The paper is owned by the Hearst Corporation, and lost about $50 million in revenue last year. [NYT]

US Pres Barack Obama loves Japan and hopefully- they love us back. [AlJazeera]

Speaking of, Obama gave his speech regarding the economy, healthcare, war spending and everything in between last night. Most specifically, Obama called the economic crisis the “day of reckoning” for America. Get it together ladies and hold it there with your finances. [ABC]

Peplums…a fashion week trend. Result? I blame fashion week for Jessica Biel’s crumpled napkin dress at the Oscar’s. [Fashionista]

After Heath Ledger’s death and recent Oscar win for supporting actor for his role as the joker in Dark Knight (awesome!), his widow (?) Michelle Williams says that she hasn’t acted since Ledger passed and has enjoyed the time off. R.I.P. [I]

It’s the 25th already- February is over ladies. You ready to pay that next rent check?

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