Morning Coffee 1.3.09

Yet another Obama cabinet pick forgets to pay their taxes- we see you Tom Daschle. Again, I say…I’ll take a cabinet position in return for not paying my taxes. No, really, I’ll take that loss for my country. [LAT]
So yesterday was groundhog day and Chuck the groundhog, bit NYC Mayor Bloomberg in defiance. Lol…“Given the heightened response against terrorism, and clearly in this case a terrorist rodent who could very well have been trained by Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, I’m not at liberty to say any more than that,” the mayor said. [NYT]
The US stimulus package is making the UK and Canada nervous because it states that construction sites must only use US steel, etc for their projects. [BBC]

To follow up M.I.A.’s appeal for peace in Sri Lanka, there was another bombing late last night. This time, a hospital. [G]

I saw TIP’s “Road To Redemption,” a reality show airing on MTV on Feb. 10, at a stush 14th street townhouse in Manhattan last night…it’s a show following his last days before going to jail in March 2009 for weapons charges. Instead of being a sob story- TIP took the opportunity to change several children’s lives by showing the path toward a better life. It’s up to them to maintain their steps…I’ll probably watch. There was a Q&A section of the screening and I really wanted to ask him about this…but I thought it wasn’t appropriate for the crowd. Lol…

image via politico

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