Morning Coffee 1.4.09

Auto sales have fallen by 26%…how about making those hybrids guys, eh? [CNN$]

Dammit Batman- WHY!? I want to like you, Christian Bale! You’re one of my fave actors! Don’t be a dick that randomly screams at his lesser-paid co-workers. Sigh… Now we KNOW you actually did scream on your mother and wife that time in ’08…[TMZ]

Brit Brit’s getting sued by her old manager…hey- shouldn’t we have a new single from Circus by now? [AP]

Fox News would be the ones to broadcast that “Obama admits mistake in Daschle nomination.” They prayed for the headline words “Obama” and “mistake”… [FX]

Israel’s still bombing Gaza…this time it’s supposedly smuggling tunnels. Who do you believe? Hm… [BBC]

Score 1 for a better day…WORD ON MY STREET: Lupe ditched his triple album and is aiming for June release for his next album…that should be interesting. I just made Asher Roth promise not to become Lupe (as in bitter…) in three years. If he does, I think I’ll cry.

image via Wired.

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