Morning Coffee 2.11.09

The Oscars are coming up soon and it seems that in efforts to boost ratings, some stars are being asked to forgo the red carpet for the back door and flaunt there wares on stage. Since the redcarpet is the runway for Hollywood—will it work? {Guardian}

Mmmmmm! Take a look at the food of immigrant New Yorkers. Yet another reason why we love living here. {NYT}

Hey Look! It’s Fidel! He’s got a few things to say about our new White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emmanuel. Starting with his last name. {GMA}

-Doing my happy dance!- Tsvangirai has taken office as Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister! I bet you $10 he was wearing  bullet-proof vest…you know how Mugabe gets down. {BBC}

First Lady Michelle Obama is set to cover the March issue of Vogue. We are just praying that Anna doesn’t play her like she did J.Hud. {WP}

We have a new President. We are in a recession. Fidel is writing-again. There is chaos all around the globe. AND NEW YORK FASHION WEEK IS STARTING NEXT WEEK!!!! {NYM}

Happy hump-day ladies! Is it me or is it starting to feel like this week is flying?

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