Morning Coffee: 2.27.09

Alvin Ailey, Yo-Yo Ma and the Chicago Symphony. It is all been on the Obama’s social agenda and may be just what the Arts community needs to get more people to support. Gotta love a leader with true class. {LAT}

Whoa- Obama is not aiming to end the US wars slowly. Why? Unlike the Vietnam war, photos of the dead from Afghanistan and Iraq were prohibited under US President Bush’s administration. However, now the military has opened up press access to the bodies. Looks like this presidential administration is trying to appeal emotionally to the public and encourage them to decide for themselves that ending the war is a good idea. He’s aiming for 2010, so he better get crackin.  [LAT] [CNN]

Cool! The earliest human footprints were found in Kenya. Scientists place the prints origin between 1.51 million and 1.53 million years ago. [G]

A few signs of an abusive relationships. NEWSFLASH: love shouldn’t be painful and drama- filled. You should actually LIKE your partner. [E]

So remember when Facebook was going to steal your drunken photos and sell them? Then they apologized, and said they wouldn’t steal anymore? Well, now Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg is going the extra mile and offering users (that means me!) the opportunity to make up our own Facebook policies! Awesome. (and CNET makes fun of him.) [BBC] [CNET]

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