Morning Coffee 2.5.09

Why can’t folks just let Rachel Maddow, MSNBC anchor and one of my favorite ways to relax after a funky day, alone? Cards making fun of her sexuality? Really? [Jeze]

“US President Barack Obama has announced a $500,000 (£355,000) limit on executive pay at US firms that need substantial fresh government aid.”I whole-heatedly agree with this. If you are a bank employer and are asking for a bail-out but you make more than $500 G’s- you don’t need my tax/social security/401k money. On the other hand, can you see the big business hate that Barack is inviting? [BBC]

Want some relationship drama? OMG 1: I can’t orgasm and OMG 2: Why won’t my partner marry me?

SALE = WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND. Started yesterday, and lasts until Feb. 24. Things are up to 75% off…I don’t know about you but I’m at least going to window shop. [Fashionista]

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