New York Post Chimp Cartoon… Blatant or Subliminal?

Once again, the New York Post has gone too far.  Here we have yet another case of a mainstream publication using racist imagery to create controversy.  At this time, the paper has not released a formal statement, explaining their actions.  All calls to the paper have been forwarded to their public relations agency, with no response.  I am just waiting to hear their explanation for this one.  Who is the chimp supposed to be?  Nancy Pelosi?  A symbolic reference to the person responsible for crafting the stimulus bill that many right wing politicians have been against from the start?  I think they knew exactly what they were doing and the mayhem that it would cause.   Hoping to sell more $.50 cent papers at the expense of disrespecting our president and taking us back to 1968?

I stopped buying the Post a long time ago due to their irresponsible journalism.  What will we do to take a stand now?  This is an outrage.

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