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OMFG It Actually Snowed. We’re Still In Shock


We’re currently having our heaviest snowfall for 18 years. So heavy in fact that the whole country shut down for two days last week. No one could travel anywhere as there were no trains or buses, and it was too dangerous to drive — so no-one went to work. The supermarkets were closed. The shopping centre’s were closed. Schools closed. The list goes on.

Thankfully the pubs were open so you could at least get a pint.

The old folks are complaining about how this country is bad at coping with snow. We’ve not had snow actually settle properly in London for 18 years! How can anyone prepare for that?

Plus I’m not being funny but we got two days off work WITH FULL PAY. You hear no complaints from me.

However it’s starting to melt and go icy, so the roads are filthy, my car’s filthy and I’m slipping and sliding all over the place. And I’m STILL having to wear flat boots….  I haven’t worn high heels in a week.

I’m getting withdrawal symptons.

—Miss London

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