ParlourOnTheRadio: A Healthy 2009- Chloé Veges, Hillary Gyms

This week on “I’m Sayin’ Radio with Chloé and Steely D” we’re talking about going green- with ourselves, of course. Chloé’s starving herself becoming a vegan and, now that I’m laid-off working on Parlour full-time, I’m hitting the gym at least three times per week. While Chloé is getting in touch with her third eye and Brooklyn’s foliage (read: trees) by eating abnormal amounts of beans and rice…I’m just trying to exercise the pain away and make sure I start myself on an active path that’ll carry me through my metabolism slowing down. We aren’t 30 years old yet, but it’s coming.

It’s a battle for our health! Listen in on how we’re coping, and tips keep us encouraged this Sunday at 1030pm est at and call in at (646) 929- 0499 with your questions, comments and beefs.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

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