ParlourOnTheRadio: Chrihanna and The Oscars- Why Liveblog When…Part Deux

This week ladies, Chloe and I are talking about Chrihanna as well as the Oscars. I spoke to folks at both Chris Brown and Rihanna’s labels, Jive and Def Jam respectively, about the fall-out, their individual comebacks and how this will all wash. Then we’ll be talking about the actors, the films and why Hugh Jackman (worst name ever…) is hosting the Oscars? (Where’s Whoopi? I LOVE the View!)

Listen up this Sunday at 1030pm est at and call in at (646) 929- 0499 with your questions, comments and beefs. Can’t wait to hear from you!

PS. Don’t forget to click here and listen to last week’s show “Everybody’s a Star: When Facebook Ruins Your Life.”

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