Peace! Errr…Actually I mean Good Riddance.

Brett Favre decided to announce his retirement from the NFL today.  I don’t believe this for a second.  I’m pretty sure its just because he thinks baseball is getting a bit too much shine and he wants his name in the paper too.
He went from the most revered man in Green Bay, Wisconsin to the most hated man in the Tri State Area in a matter of months. He managed to put a Jordan-esque tarnish on an otherwise stellar career, and turn some of his biggest fans (like yours truly) into a mob clamoring for his head, or at least that jacked up shoulder that should have had him on the bench from week 9 on. I’ll try to remember him as a young dude having a good time and infecting everyone around him with his enthusiasm, instead of that dejected old man walking off the field after losing at home to Miami, and going from first to not even in the conversation in 60 minutes.
I love the Jets. We all know this, but I am really not feeling this situation. Yes, they have a long history of losing. Yes, they never seem to have all the pieces that they need to make a real run. Yes, they’re New York’s “other team”. Farve did what you should never do when dealing with a perpetual bottom feeder. He brought Jets fans a measure of hope, and delivered just long enough to get people really excited.

It was fun for a while. Jets fan came out of the woodwork and felt good on Sundays. Wore t-shirts proudly. Were loud in bars and engaged in some smack talking. It was fun. I’d like to experience that again, but I’m a realist.

Who knows what the Jets will do now for a QB.  They cut the one they had-not that he was any good, but he definitely wasn’t working in the system they had set up here; and he did make the playoffs with his new team.  They don’t draft high enough to get any of the top QB picks, and the free agent market is replete with retreads who probably wouldn’t be a good fit.

In the end, it was just like every other season for the past 40 years (or my entire life plus some years). Another season that ended without a Super Bowl win, little fanfare, and a lot of agitated players talking too much to the press and planning New Years Parties instead of practicing for a playoff game.

Oh well, it was an experience. Goodbye and good riddance.

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