Rewind! Uh Huh Her

By now you guys know that I have a healthy love/hate relationship with the L Word and it’s lovely ladies. It’s the last season so hopefully they make a believer out of me, but just in case the magic fades, I will have something that I will love forever: Uh Huh Her. Named after a PJ Harvey b-side, Uh Huh Her is the LA-based electro-pop duo comprised of musician & actress Leisha Hailey (aka The L Word’s Alice Pieszecki) and producer/multi-instrumentalist Camila Grey.

Their sound takes on a lush, sultry vibe instead of your normal synth-heavy electro-sounds that tend to crowd the spectrum, and has an edginess that reminds me of the first time I heard and fell in love with Heart in the eighties. Peep their video for “Not A Love Song” off of their album, Common Reaction, below. Besides the great music, hair and eye-makeup, there is a unicorn—instant awesomeness. My fave tracks on Common Reaction?: “Common Reaction”, “Explode” and “Covered.” Discover for yourself!

Uh Huh Her

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