Sayonara “Star”bury

So the entire time that Stephon Marbury was a member of the New York Knicks, they didn’t make or win a single playoff game.  This is the guy who was supposed to be a franchise player, bring some glory back to the Garden, and be successful on his home team.
Instead he leaves disgraced, disgruntled, and possibly with an even worse reputation than the one he had when he showed up in NY.  Good riddance. For five years he was a royal and major flop, more likely to be up at the strip club, Sue’s, than in a playoff game.  Oddly enough the  Knicks-who were no good with him, and are showing signs of improvement without him. No more of his whining to the press, no more divisive bull in the locker room, and most importantly, no more of those horrific tattoos.
The Knicks organization really don’t have much to say about the situation, the official statement only said that all disagreements and grievances had been solved, and didn’t disclose the financial terms of the agreement. Kind of like-yeah we paid him, and waived him, moving right along.  For once I agree with what they did.  The not quite .500 Knicks will probably continue playing a lot better (as they have been since the break), and will probably after today not have to answer any more questions about this freak. That has got to be a better look.

The comical part? There was a time when I and many like me, actually liked Marbury. He was the hometown kid that went on to play well in the league, a Kenny Anderson for my generation. Except Kenny’s problems were mainly off the field, and he wasn’t able to parlay his mediocre talent into quite as much money.

Is there a lesson to be learned in all this? Maybe.  On the one hand, the Dolan’s proved that if you whine loud enough and long enough, they will eventually fire you. On the other, mediocre talent in the hands of the right agent can get you whatever you want.

I really wonder what his reputation is among other players in the league.  We all know guys gossip more and worse than any female walking, so I can just imagine the conversations people are having about Marbury and his “situation.”  There was a particularly humorous exchange in the paper where a former teammate accused him of quitting on the team, and he fired back saying he was “left out to die”.  Nobody knows all three sides of the story except for those involved, but it makes one wonder if his next contract will have a behavior clause. It also makes me wonder what kind of money he’s going to be offered. Unless he goes to another bottom feeder, his talent level no longer says starter, although his current salary does. Who is really going to pay a backup point guard what he was making, knowing he might self destruct at any time?

All very interesting. I won’t front, I love seeing players get “Keyshawn-ed” and where they land after the fact.  Either way, he’s free to go, and Knick fans are free of his malarkey. Quite the win-win situation.


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