Says Dan Rather to America: Where’s The Beef?

Dan Rather is pissed off…at the economy, at Barack and at you and I for not being…pissed off. Here’s a clip of what Rather said in a post on The Daily Beast:

“We are in a downward economic spiral and the worst is probably yet to come. The situation threatens our own and future generations. Yet there is no transparency, no accountability, and no clearly-stated plan to pull us out.

Outrage is seldom justified and rarely wise, but in this fix it is both. Nevertheless, what we have gotten and are getting still is blather.

We got it from the previous presidential administration and its Treasury secretary, and from both sides of the Congressional aisle. Now we’re getting it from the new office holders. It’s a version of “We know what we’re doing, we’re deep in the process of addressing what’s wrong, but we’re not going to give you any details. And forget about transparency, much less accountability.”

Hm…I don’t know if I agree with Dan. I think the administration’s been pretty clear in trying to explain what’s going to happen with the economy- and if you’re still not sure what’s what with the newest version of the stimulus package like I wasn’t, read this and this– I just think alot of it is above my head. Not to sound idealistic, but this is why I voted for Barack- so he could figure this economy/recession/depression out. AND- I don’t know who Dan’s talking to but the way big business is getting publicly flogged– I’d say people are definitely pissed off.


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