Says The US: Sorry Liberians, You’ve Got to Go….

Get this. Remember when Liberia was engaged in a bloody civil war in the 1990’s? It was bad…really bad, and so the United States extended “temporary protection status” to all Liberians who could get to America, and about 14,000 of them took advantage of it. Fast forward to 2009, a new government has been instated with the fabulous new President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and now beginning on March 31st, thousands of Liberians face deportation since the federal immigration status will expire. The US is giving Liberians in America 18 months to get their things together and bounce, talk about a way to say goodbye?

Many Liberians have settled here, paid taxes, and had families and are now wrestling with the prospect of leaving their children and businesses behind. In a twisted case of irony, one can’t help but think of the history of how Liberia was founded—it was a colony led by freed American slaves in 1822. Critics say that Liberians should go back to rebuild their country and not take advantage of our hospitality, but for a country that was founded by immigrants (or as the books says, “settlers”), this has the faint smell of hypocrisy on the behalf our foreign policy. What did the United States expect to do when we opened our doors for over 15 years? But that’s just me, what do you think Parlour Fam?

Liberians Facing Mass Deportation from U.S.

Above: A banner in Liberia in support of reconciliation

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