Self Medication Needed

Sigh. I think i just may be having the worst day ever. Rewind to last night when an otherwise productive evening was thrown awry by a stranded friend and my irritation at her unwillingness to accept any type of responsibility for her actions, then skip to a generally fucked up train-ride this morning, coupled with the work-load that nightmares are made of (all created for me last night no less!) and my assistant is AWOL and it is snowing again. I hate life and if you were next to me I would probably hate you too (right now). So tonight, i’m rolling up a fatty and planning to watch the Colbert Report and then stare at the wall, and since reading Jezebel today, I know I won’t be alone. Take a look at our some celebs (Hey Mike Phelps!) and their fellow love for greenery.  My favorite is Charlize Theron’s apple pipe. Puff-puff pass!
35 Celebrities Who Smoke Pot

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