Sex Drive: Freak Like Me


In my Improv 101 course at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade, I learned about a very important practice called yes, and-ing. To yes, and is to build a scene by adding to your scene partner’s words and actions.

For example:
My scene partner may begin a scene by making large, swinging motions with his or her arms and saying, “Man, Jeremiah, chopping down cedar trees is hard work.”
And I would yes, and my scene partner by making the same swinging motions and saying, “It sure is David, especially in the cedar forests of Massachusetts where danger lurks all around us.”

My partner established that we were woodsmen chopping down trees and I yes, and-ed that by acknowledging that we were chopping down cedar trees and by adding a location (Massachusetts) and the element of danger.

I have only taken one improv course so far, but I know that engaging in a scene with an awesome yes, and partner can be elating. The scene progresses without a hitch and takes you and your scene partner on some unexpected and exciting adventures.

In relation to sex, finding a partner with similar freak-ability is just as thrilling as finding a well-matched scene partner. You fumble around with other partners, wanting the scene to move forward, but somehow always getting stuck just before the adventure really takes off. Then one day, your freak-partner comes along and yes, ands all of your words and actions and you are both so psyched!

You say: “ I want you to tie me up sometime.”

He: Leans over you, reaches under his bed and produces a roll of cloth rope in his hand and a sly grin on his face.

You: “In the park.”

Him: “Yes, and tied to the bark of a tree.”

Him: “I want to take pictures.”

You: “Yes, and grab my tape recorder.”

You: “In the bathroom of this restaurant.”

Him: “Let’s start right here under the table.”

Suddenly neither of you are holding back and you realize that nothing and nowhere is out of bounds for you and your freak-partner. Your scenes progress seamlessly and become more intense and more outrageous.

Happy Valentines Day ladies! If you plan on getting freaky, I hope you’re doing it with someone from your school of freakiness.  And just like in improv, don’t think about it too much.  Just begin and the rest will follow.

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