Small Inspirations : Vitra Miniatures


There is nothing better than great original furniture design, but unless you have about $4,000 to spare on Herman Miller designs like the Nelson Coconut Chair (above, left), owning the classics may not always be on your agenda. But that isn’t to say that they are out of your reach, thanks to the Vitra Miniatures collection. A secret obsession of mine, the Miniatures Collection represents some of the most important designs of modern furniture history. Vitra collaborates with the furniture designers to ensure authenticity in design and materials, making the collection truly unique. Ranging from $100-$700, each piece varies in height and weight, and adds original flavor to any home or office. Consider them small inspirations. Check out more over at All Modern.

-JBaker has a fantasy involving the Chaise Lounge by Le Corbusier/Jeanneret/Perriand. Use your imagination.

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