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Yesterday out of the blue the wife asked me if I would consider getting “fixed.” WTF?!? Where did that come from? You gotta give a dude more warning before you spring that up on him.

Some days I sit back and look at my life and its pretty unbelievable. I’m not even 30 yet and I’ve been married seven years, have two kids, a career, and my own crib (even though I’m fighting off the bank like a motherfucker). I’m proud! I feel accomplished and fulfilled, I wouldn’t change a thing. When I look at my friends who I came up with I can’t help but notice that my life is drastically different- not better, but different. I’m the most proud of my two sons, I just look at them and see the future and limitless possibilities. My main focus in life is to now help my kids find a path to happiness and success. So after our youngest was born Mrs. Bundy and I decided we didn’t want any more children. So we’ve been using birth control of course, but then again we were “using birth control” when we conceived our second child as well, so shit happens.

I’m pretty adamant about not wanting any more kids, but the thought of having a vasectomy just makes things so… ummm… permanent. Really, I guess its no different from when a woman gets her tubes tied, that goes on everyday and folks barely bat an eye right? Now I gotta research the procedure but I’m assuming there are no side effects. Like I mean my junk will still work right? RIGHT?!? Though a decreased sex drive may help me cope with the fact that I don’t get the nookie as much as I’d like. HA! I’m just joking; or am I?

Seriously though, so much of our masculinity is tied in our ability to spread our seed. I know it sounds primitive, but that shit is true and we all know it. My home girl and her hubby had trouble conceiving and her man went NUTS (no pun intended) when the doc suggested that he was shooting blanks. He went into straight denial. But I guess it’s easy for me to come to grips with not being able to procreate because I already have kids.

What do ya’ll think- would I be making a mistake getting a vasectomy?

-Al “Brooklyn” Bundy

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