Step By Step Beauty

We all have a million beauty questions; if a survey of your pool of friends comes up short on answers we have your solution. We have an expert who will be at your beckon call day or night. Bobbi Brown’s new book, “Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual”-her fifth and most detailed book yet-will be your lifeline.
“I wanted it to answer every question you could ever possibly ask” said Brown.
No need to dial-a-friend ladies, Brown takes you step by step through eye liner tips, false lash applications, and yes, the always popular and ever elusive smoky eye. When we manage to put the book down, we keep it near our makeup kit so that it is easily accessibly when we need it most. The book has LOTS of pictures (most of us are visual learners) and is designed both for aspiring makeup artists and those of us regular gals looking to improve on our natural beauty-not that we need much help, am I right ladies?

–Anabel and Ayren

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