A NY POST Employee Speaks on Chimpanzee Cartoon

So — after Mahogs’ medi rant today— an unnamed NY Post worker called into New York City’s Hot 97 radio station, where DJ Angie Martinez asked the caller, essentially- why a cartoonist drew the above picture. Here’s his answer in so many words…

“I think we’re trying to bring back history- especially with Al Sharpton- the chimpanzee [was not about Barack]” says unnamed caller.

In response to Martinez’s question is the male caller was high enough up on the NY Post Mast-head to stop the cartoon from printing:

“Not high up, but even if I was i didn’t disagree with it. We still wouldn’t have stopped it.”

In response to Martinez pressing the caller, in regards to whether the cartoon was in poor taste:

“It’s not about – were going back to Geico commercials with this one [ed. note: perhaps the “so easy a caveman can do it” ads?]. We’re not saying that our president is a chimpanzee”

In response to more of Martinez’s pressing, asking whether the Post employees thought anyone would draw the conclusion that the above cartoon was racist:

“No, we think more highly of the people that read the NY Post.”

On the vibe in the NY Post office:

“Now all of us get to  see what goes out before it goes out. We’re probably going to feel the vibe tomorrow- we’ll know the vibe tomorrow. Nobody ever wants to own up to it… I don’t even want to give my name…I do apologize but I’m not the one who drew it or wrote that comentary.”

Hm- so the caller sticks up for the cartoon…and then apologizes for it’s offensiveness at the end of the call.

Thoughts ladies?

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