The Oscars- What’s Your Fave Gown?

Here are a few of my fave gowns from last night, beginning with Ann Hathaway. She didn’t win best actress- best she definitely won the best dressed for the night in my book. Taraji, Frida Pino, Penelope Cruz and more after the jump- who’s your fave?


Taraji P. Henson looks amazing in this layered gown. I even like her wrap.

oscars_frida pinto

This cerulean gown is very flattering on Ms. Frida Pinto- I was torn about the one lace/beaded arm, but I think it’s growing on me.


Amelda hated on this dress- no tulle! she says- but I love the bodice AND the tulle! It’s like she’s playing dress-up, you have to love SJP’s playful sense of fashion.


I’m torn- part of me wants to say that I love this quasi-brocade dress. The other half wants to say the same thing I told my mother when she showed me her brocade cream wedding dress- “you look like a curtain, ma…”

oscars_kate winslet


oscars_evan rachel wood

Though when I look at Evan Rachel Wood, I just think ‘YOU SLEPT WITH MARILYN MANSON!!!’- she looks great in this throwback glamour hollywood dress. I’m a fan.

photos via wireimage!

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