The Baby (s): THROWBACK!

This week I figured I would compile a list of songs that include “Baby,” starting with the original divas…The Supreme’s and “Baby Love.” Give it to the camera Diana! TLC, The Ronette’s, Mariah, Ray Charles & Betty Carter and more after the jump!

TLC’s “Baby Baby Baby”

Ray Charles and Betty Carter’s “Baby, it’s Cold Outside”- I LOVE Ray’s situational songs. LOVE them.

Ashanti’s “Baby”- remember when Nia Long directed the video and all the guys you knew, even if they couldn’t STAND Ashanti, wouldn’t stop watching this video? Lol…

The Ronette’s “Be My Baby”- RIP

Mariah’s “Always Be My Baby”- I definitely used to close my door and belt this song to the top of my lungs. Good job on making the track Mariah and Jermaine Dupri.

Rick James’ “Give It To Me Baby”

No Doubt’s “Hey Baby”- This was the first No Doubt album I actually bought…it was good yo! =0)

Got any other Baby suggestions ladies?

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