Wear This or You’re Fired…

So I was perusing NYMag last night and found this article, “Female Bank of England Employees Must Wear Makeup and Heels.” Apparently, the Bank of England sent around a memo to its female employees mandating that they wear heels, make-up including lipstick and toss their big purses. Er? Here’s the memo per NYM by way of WWD:
“Look professional, not fashionable; be careful with perfume; always wear a heel of some sort — maximum 2 inches; always wear some sort of makeup — even if it’s just lipstick.” Shoes and skirt must be the same color. No-no’s include ankle chains — “professional, but not the one you want to be associated with;” white high heels; overstuffed handbags; an overload of rings, and double-pierced ears.

Craziness. I’ve personally never had a dress code. I wear stretch pants to work every other day…thanks American Apparel…so this just sounds like torture to me. Do you have a dress code? Ever gotten a note about your outfits, etc? I want to hear about it…this is interesting.

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