You Let Your Cousin Stick A Needle In Your Tookus? WOW

So we got to see A-Fraud confess to all his sins in a press conference designed to answer “all” the questions about his steroid revelation and any other questions that may have arisen after the interview he gave with Peter Gammons.

While I can appreciate his efforts and his comments about getting back to baseball. Some things that have come up have just rubbed yours truly the wrong way entirely.

It was a cute scene, Jeter, Posada and Pettitte all on the front row in support of their teammate. Brian Cashman and Joe Girardi on stage with him. It was like one big dysfunctional but happy family. Then they got started, and the real malarkey began.

We learned that A-Fraud was “young, stupid, and naïve” and bought his stuff through a cousin over the counter in DR. They injected each other. Now, I love my cousins as much as the next person, but would you allow one to stick you in the tookus with a needle? What part of the game is that?

It looked for a minute like he was going to cry, when it came time to say something to his teammates. The thing is, no tears came out. On the true crime shows, they call this a sign of guilt and they are usually reserved for people attempting to feign remorse.

Is he sorry? Probably more so that he was put on blast than for actually doing the steroids. The media is of course going nuts with this. I get it, they have a job to do and a set of questions that needed to be asked, but some of these questions were just way far over the top. Did the injections hurt? Where did you get injected? How did you feel after? Are you serious? This happened six years ago and you’re asking someone who probably doesn’t remember how he felt yesterday how they felt about it? Ok then.

Like he said though, he was there to take his medicine, and it was dished out. So Kudos A-Fraud, you grabbed the bull by the horns and faced your accusers. He’s been doing all the right things from a PR standpoint, but he may have given a bit more info than he needed to at the conference. How long until Cousin Ray Ray from San Pedro De Marcoris (I see you Colin) is on ESPN with a translator talking about how he and A-Fraud were like the Bash Brothers with their injection parties?

As much as I dislike A-Fraud and his dismal playoff numbers as a Yankee, I can’t help but wonder why none of the other names on the list have been put out there, or what was really hood with some of those reporters in the press conference. The chick in me says they are really just looking for anything to drag him through the mud because media types just love to hate. The wannabe journalist in me says they were just doing their job and asking what the people want to know. The Yankee fan in me says he better have a monster season or else. All of my split personalities can agree on one thing though, that was entertaining television.


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