A Skater’s Dream: The Ramp House

What happens when you combine a love for design and architecture with a passion for skating? The Ramp House. Built in Athens, Greece, the house was created by Archivirus Architecture and Design, as a response to the client’s want for a “skatable habitat”. Virtually every room in the house is skater-friendly, turning the house into more of a “Ramp House” rather than a house with a ramp. And it’s hot.

Notice that the space isn’t grandiose or expansive, which is proof that all you need is a great idea to turn your pad into a place that works for you—not the other way around. Like painting? Create a space in your place dedicated to the craft. If you like being outdoors, consider ways to bring more plant-life into your interior space without getting all green-housy. You may not need a half-pipe in your basement, but when it’s time to make your space, consider your passion first and then the rest will come later.


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