Afternoon Tea 3.23.09


This spring, New York City high schools are adding double dutch as a varsity sport to get girls in select neighborhoods involved in sports. It’s pretty unbelievable that only 10% of high school students in NYC public schools play sports. Will double dutch be the answer? If it gets girls off the couch and exercising, why not?  [Jezebel]

We told you guys about it last year. Fish manicures have become increasingly popular in some states, but now cosmetology regulators in some places are insisting that fish pedicures are unsanitary (go figure!). At least 14 states, including Texas and Florida, have outlawed them. Why? Because cosmetology regulations call for tools to be sanitized or discarded after use, and well, you can’t exactly sanitize OR throw away the fish, can you? So you just pass them on to customer #2?  I guess [Wall Street Journal]

To condom or not to condom. Where do you stand? Pro-condom activists got into a scuffle with Pope supporters in Paris this weekend.  [BBC News]

U.S. retail sales for apparel were down 2.8%  for the 12 months ending January 2009, according to NPD Group. Makeup and fragrance sold in U.S. department stores were down 3% and 6%, respectively, from 2007. So naturally that means less money for advertising featuring fashion models—which means less money for models. Looks like everyone is feeling it.  [Ad Age]

Warner Music Group is still beefing with YouTube on how much they should get paid for copyrighted works featured on the site. Somehow now this is affecting regular folks who feature WMG music in their own personal video as their content is instantly removed, followed up by a friendly email from our friends at YouTube.  [New York Times]

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