Afternoon Tea 3.03.09

I generally don’t like big movies like this, but the trailer for Terminator Salvation is getting me pumped.  And thank goodness, because after Christian Bale’s on set blow up, that film better come correct. {MTV}

Apparently, US President Obama sent a secret letter to Russian President Medvedev with a proposal that stated that if Russia could “stop Iran from developing long-range weapons,” America would resist installing new missile defense systems in Eastern Europe.  Medvedev is saying he got a note, but it didn’t quite say all that.  It just makes me think about how much of our lives is dependent on such a small few, and they’re effin with weapons. {NYT}

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton pledged the U.S.’s “‘unshakeable’ support for Isreal” at it prepares to form a new government. {BBC}

I’m all for taking care of your business, but I kind of feel bad for Tyrese who has to send his baby mama $65 thousand a month in addition to the $6,230 in child support, $2,730 in rent and $800 in car payments. The child support, rent and car notes make perfect sense, but I wish my {YBF}

New York has turned into slush, I’m staying indoors.

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