Afternoon Tea 3.04.08

Remember when we were all threatening to move to Canada if Barack Obama didn’t win the presidential election.  Well, maybe we should have anyway.  It turns out Saskatchewan, CA is a hot spot for jobs.  We just have to be able to stand the freezing cold.  {CNN}

Everyone’s trying to cut cost.  Mid-high end ready-to-wear brand Reiss is launching a “younger, lower-priced brand to (make ends meet, er) widen its customer base.” {BB}

Apparently Marie Claire is following in the stilletoues steps of other magazines with reality shows.  Too bad their ratings were as low as a pair of ballet flats. {Jez}

After pledging the US support to the Israeli government, Hillary Clinton attacked the government’s plans to destroy homes in Arab East Jerusalem today.  “Clearly this kind of activity is unhelpful and not in keeping with the obligations entered into under the ‘road map’,” she said. Go Hills! {G}

Listening to Clancy Eccles dreaming of sitting in the sun eating julie mangoes.  If you can’t wait for spring say shabalaba!

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