Afternoon Tea 3.05.09

The Indian government failed to stop peace activist/film-maker John Otis from auctioning off Mahatma Gandhi’s Zenith pocket watch, steel-rimmed spectacles, sandals, eating bowl, blood report and a telegram (sent by Ghandi) in New York today. India proposed that Otis stop the auction “in exchange for commitments to fighting poverty.” {G}

Michael Jackson may be officially throwing in the towel. Jackson announced that he will be doing 10 performances in London’s O2 Arena and then “This will be my final shows performing in London,” he said in a press conference at the arena. {CNN}

North Korea’s saying hell no you can’t expect to be safe if you fly over our airspace to S. Korea and US military who are planning an exercise to prepare for an invasion of the North. Well that makes sense I guess. {BBC}

You dreamed of moving to NYC and hobnobbing with models, celebrities and fashion powerhouses at the most exclusive venues every night of the week. Now’s your chance, V Mag’s looking for party photogs. {Fashionista}

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