Afternoon Tea 3.06.09


Lauren Conrad is saying PEACE to the Hills.  Set to premier in a few weeks, season five will be the MTV reality TV star’s last season.  LC says she wants to lead a more private life, but she just released a novel, so what’s that all about. Later Sk8R.  {NYMag}

While Mugabe was busy trying to kick all the white folks out of Zimbabwe, PM Morgan Tsvangirai and his wife got into a car accident that left Mrs. T badly injured and Mr. T a little cut up. {BBC}

Is it art imitating life?  Maybe they watched “Independence Day” one too many times.  NASA just launched a telescope to search for “Earth-like planets.”  OMG Galaxy Trip!! {CNN}

New GF… “Message from Ghostface,” inspired by the Chrianna saga. The Ghost shouts out Rihanna a few times in this joint.  It’s kind of sweet, in a big brother on the block kind of way. Listen Here. {PF}

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