Afternoon Tea 3.19.09

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Kanye West is set to appear on Family Guy spinoff The Cleveland Show!! His cartoon character is a failed rapper! When do we get to see it? {Swarm}

Josef Fritzl, 73, was found guilty on all charges against him in the case of enslaving, raping, torturing and finally murdering his daughter after holding her hostage for 24 years. He got sentenced to life in a “secure psychiatric facility.” Hmmm they should let him into the regular prison, his “life” sentence wouldn’t be too long. {BBC}

on Tuesday the Guardian published a collection of internal memos from Barclay’s bank on their Website. That same morning Barclays received a temporary injunction from a judge, having the documents removed. By Thursday, Guardian has lost “Barclays’ challenge” and can not publish the documents. It’s a sad day in the Guardian newsroom. {G}

The Soprano’s have been gone for a while now. Do you miss Carmela and Adriana? Maybe you can get your fix for velour sweats and acrylic nails on Bravo’s Real Housewives of New Jersey. Yep! Another one. {AJ}

Geithner’s in the hot seat for the A.I.G. bonus scandal. I don’t want your job dude. {NYT}

Bobbi is in the hot seat from everyone else. Gotta go!

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