Afternoon Tea 3.24.09


The new BlackBook music issue cover with Nicole Richie is fierce! Confusing, seeing as how she’s not a musician but is the baby mama for one, but fierce all the same. {NYMag}

Six years ago a 13-year-old school girl was strip searched by two female faculty members who suspected her of carrying prescription drugs. Now, said girl’s case has reached the Supreme Court and school policies might be changed forever. {NYT}

Barneys is canning 76 employees. {WWD}

Where was I during RuPaul’s Drag Race? The season finale has come and gone and I have missed all the shenanigans. Watch a clip of RuPaul’s “decision.” Her wig is fierce as she directs the winner Bebe to pass on “the love, message the beauty of being the next drag superstar.” Thank goodness for syndication. {Jez}

Bobbi is still trying to make sense of her life. Wish me luck!

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