Afternoon Tea 3.25.09

Here’s the new PJ Harvey + John Parish video for “Black Hearted Love,” the first single off of Harvey + Parish’s LP A woman a Man Walked Past.  Watch the video after the jump, the inflatable bounce castle in the middle of the forrest looks like fun.  {Vulture}

If the Irish can get their act together and stop boozing it up then, so can I.  Ireland’s alcohol consumption went down 7.3 percent due to the recession. If only I could stay home and watch a movie and sip Diet Pepsi every other Saturday night. Thanks for the tip off Jez. {CBS}

Read MF Doom interview in RS here.  It seems he voted for John McCain and the apocalypse is upon us. {RS}

US Sec of State Hillary Clinton went to Mexico to try to negotiate some sort of truce. [NYT]

ps. The View’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck just called the Iraq war “a success.” Where’s my bottle?

image via lo state

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