Afternoon Tea 3.26.09


Kind of glad and sad I found this one.  Apparently a talent management agency for Ciroc sent a casting call out to their mailing list, which specified “light-skinned African Americans.” Woooah! The pressure might be coming down on Diddy, who is the celebrity endorser for Ciroc, and who is not “light-skinned.” But then again, why are we even making stupid distinctions like that.  Ciroc denies it, and I just feel like gossiping today. {TheYBF}

Iran has accepted the US’ invitation for an international conference on Afghanistan’s future, in The Hague set for next week. Step in the right direction? {BBC}

In Albany, NY, legislators has decided to repeal a host of the Rockefeller drug sentencing laws, in effect since the 1970’s. The Rockefeller laws were hardcore with “mandatory minimum prison sentences for lower-level drug felons.” The new laws expand drug treatment programs. Sadly, I’m a pessimist when it comes to the war on drugs.  {NYT}

North Korea has moved a long range missile onto a launching pad. The US, Japan and SK say this violates a UN Security Council resolution. I say, they’re bluffing.  {NYT}

Ponder: Will Indie rock fade away now that shit is shrinking on a whole? I say no, but hopefully the recession will sift through the scene and collate the good, the bad and the ugly. {Swarm}

Reminder, Peter Bjorn + John’s new album, Living Thing, is aaalmost here, just in time for spring time romps through hipster haunts, in headbands and knee socks with Pabst Blue Ribbon in hand.  Can’t wait! {PMA}

Bobbi [insert witty phrase here].  Love you parlouristas.

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