Afternoon Tea 3.30.09

9-confessions-of-a-shopaholic-isla-fisher-de-57957682I’m so tired of “them” blaming everything on our periods.  But this one might work in our favor ladies.  A study “found” that women are more likely to go on spending sprees in the 10 days before their periods. “I don’t know what happened honey. Something in my gut just told me you need purple pumps!  Hmph, It must be my period.” {BBC}
North Korea’s rocket is sitting on the launch pad ready for blastoff.  US Defense Secretary says the US  military could shoot that mother down if it’s headed to Hawaii or the continental US. {CNN}
The US Govt. announced the terms of the auto bailout yesterday, asking General Motors’ chairman Rick Wagoner to resign and instructing Chrysler to join forces with Italy’s Fiat within 30 days.  If they don’t partner up, the gov. says Chrysler can forget about “another round of government aid.” {NYT}

Apparently, Rihanna has also set some terms for Chris Brown: “Apologize on Oprah before I forgive you.” {Bossip}

This week is gonna be great girls!!

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