Amber, Kanye and The L-Word

amber rose and trevon

So, we’ve been pretty light on the entire Amber Rose, Kanye West “new boo” situation, aside from her being questionable for skipping out on her girlfriend to get with ‘Ye. Hi Tiffany. Real talk…I think about 45% of ladies everywhere would do the same thing, or at least think about it, long and hard. It’s Kanye—instant attention and great clothes. We at Parlour have much love for Miss Amber. She’s hot, she has great style and according to friends, she’s a sweetheart. We don’t know her not to like and call names, we leave that for other sites. But there is one thing that bothers me about how she has been “introduced and portrayed” to the masses, courtesy of the gossip sites that we know and love: she’s known as “The Lesbian Girlfriend”.  It’s clear that Amber likes the ladies and the gents, so “officially” she’s Bisexual. She’s not a Lesbian. If she was, she wouldn’t be dating ‘Ye. I’m never one to label anyone, as sexuality is an ever-evolving conversation when it comes to society, but for the editorial record can we not overlook the millions of people who have equal opportunity policies in the sheets? Are we afraid of the B-word folks?

Aside from the “Girls Gone Wild-cum-OMG I’m so drunk and kissed a girl” variety, there are plenty of folks who have happy and healthy relationships with both sexes. Most mature folks will tell you that it has everything to do with the person and none with the gender. It’s all about what turns you on, right? So maybe KAmye are really happy. Maybe they are really just friends and have agreed to help each other get buzz (and we all feel dumb afterwards!), or maybe, just maybe…they like each other. So Kanye’s with a bi-chick, big deal. Let’s just be sure to call the spade by it’s right name. Is it that “Lesbian” sounds more suspect, more sneaky and slanderous? Really? If that’s the case, many in the media have some serious work to do when it comes to how we label and view women.

Honestly, we just want to know what she will be wearing today. That green leather jacket is the new obsession of Steels and I.

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