Basketball Jones? Gone.

When I was little, my father was a huge basketball fan. Me being the only child and a daddy’s girl, fell right in line. It started with the Knicks, and moved on to College ball. The St. John’s Redmen (I’m old-sue me), the UNC Tarheels (A guy from the neighborhood went there), the UNLV Rebels – who didn’t love Anderson Hunt? I was all in. Loved it. Even made fun of the one guy who would cry inevitably when it was obvious his team wouldn’t be advancing in the tournament.
This went on for years. I watched a young Jason Kidd play in the McDonald’s All American game, stayed up and watching him, Lamond Murray and Travis Duck play all extra late at Cal. I was a huge fan of the Fab Five and was crushed when Chris Webber called time out and lost my Jordan money. I loved Dick Vitale., and the analysts on Sportscenter. I even went to the games at my non-basketball school, and when I could afford it, hopped on the G2 bus to go watch a young AI electrify the crowds at Georgetown.

I was still there as late as 1999, when I watched a very sweaty and jubilant Mario Elie celebrate beating my Knicks at the same club I was in that night. I was still there in 2000, when I saw Latrell Spreewell out in the street and begged him to stay with the Knicks. Then one day, I just stopped caring. I can’t place my finger on it. I’m not even sure why it happened. I can blame the decline of the Knicks, but that would be like denying how bad they were in the 80s-and I was all over it then.

I don’t watch the games anymore. I used to be a certified junkie-much like Tyrone Shoelaces except I couldn’t play worth a damn, but I could watch. Every. Single. Game. I had basketball on 24/7, I would even pass up baseball games to see what the Knicks were doing, but then I just stopped.

Interesting phenomena. Who ever would have thought, me, of all basketball junkies would give up on my favorite sport? I didn’t care when the Knicks fell apart. I went to a Heat game, IN Miami, and rooted for them to beat Dallas in the finals. I went to the All Star Game last year and was more interested in taking pictures with my friends and marveling at how old Jason Kidd must be by now. To be honest, the highlight of that trip was the food.

I haven’t been to one Knick game this season. Not one. I’ve seen one game in it’s entirety and they lost. I was kind of interested in the Marbury situation, but more for jokes value than any actual games it might affect. I was a bit miffed but not blown about Kobe and Lebron dropping 50+ at the Garden, but you know what, I didn’t cry.

And now the NCAA’s are among us. My school’s women’s team made the tournament. My good friend asked me where I was going to watch the selections. My response? “I’m not”. I’m just going to embrace it. I’m a two-sport girl now. Football and Baseball, with a side of tennis. I’ve been stuck on the WBC like glue, and skipped what were supposed to be some great games yesterday to watch Cuba and Japan get busy on the diamond.

I don’t know how to feel. A part of me feels better admitting it to myself , but another part wishes this weren’t the case, and will probably try to watch a game just to prove something. Oh well. I still have great memories, and I still love Rod Strickland.


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