Buffalo 66

So Terrell Owens is going to Buffalo, reportedly after their current QB, Trent Edwards lobbied and lobbied for the front office to bring him in. What does this say about Trent Edwards? Several things, none of which will be fully understood until the season starts. I’m willing to bet money the number of press and media requests to the PR office in Orchard Park have seen a tremendous spike over the past few days.

On the upside, the Bills get a veteran wideout who still has quite a bit of gas in the tank, works hard, and can possibly mentor the younger receivers on the finer points of the game. While this move doesn’t instantly make them a force in the NFC East, it certainly does make them better, and less likely to have the type of late season collapse they had last season after starting off 5-0.

On the downside, it’s Owens, and the media up there as with every other stop in his NFL career will stick a microphone in his face and just wait for something crazy to happen. It may not be as bad because it’s a small market (his first out of the top 10 in his career), but there will certainly be those who are by nature looking for something to stoke the fire of the bad rap that is TO.

One thing is for sure, he’ll be the biggest star on that map since Bruce Smith and Jim Kelly. I’m interested to see how he interacts with Dick Juaron and with his teammates. The thing they don’t seem to report so much in the media, is that in the beginning, people just adore TO. They say he works hard, comes to work on time and does what he needs to do. The issues seem to come into play when there is a camera on him or a reporter in his face.

The thing I like best in this situation? His ability to find a new job quickly after being cut by Dallas. Many of his compatriots bot in the NFL and out have not been so lucky, and will still be looking long after camp begins.

Something tells me we will never know the entire story as to why he was let go, but we can rest assured that the video of him crying over Tony Romo will be played ad infinitum, if nothing else for his comic value. He found a job in less than a week, and he is making close to if not more than what he was scheduled to make in Dallas this year.

Sure it gets ridiculously cold and snowy up in Buffalo, and they’ll have to fly women in for him to date for his reality show, but in the end, everyone wins. Except maybe the Bills. Only time will tell, but this is going to be one interesting OTA season and training camp for sure.


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