Café de la Mañana: 3.18.09

Holla! The Holi Festival is this week around the globe! A safe and colorful celebration to all who are celebrating!

While we love our ‘Berrys, iPhones, Facebooks and Twitters, there are some places where they should be a complete no-no…like the bedroom (for me) and the courtroom. Tech-addicted jurors are causing mistrials all over the place! {NYT}

Actress Natasha Richardson, sadly, was declared brain-dead yesterday after a skiing accident in Canada. Her family has had her flown to NY for a bedside vigil. Our heart goes out to her parents and husband, actor Liam Neelson. {People}

Going on holiday in Italy soon? Avoid Sicily for a while, until they get their killer-stray dog situation under control that is. {BBC}

Ok. So teen girl goes to pastor with confession that she is being abused by an older man. So pastor spanks her for lying. Repeatedly. {Tribune}

A 25-year old woman in Abuja, Nigeria has given birth to conjoined twins with three legs. Can she get a Dateline interview? Or do you have to look like Angelina Jolie and be on welfare? {DT}

JBaker is wondering what would have happened if we had Twitter during the O.J. Simpson Trial….

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